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Prescription Lenses in Blue Island, IL

Contact lenses correct your vision and are easy to wear. Which contact lens type you choose depends upon your needs, your vision and your comfort and convenience goals. Types of contact lenses include:

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most commonly prescribed due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable. Soft contacts are now available for patients with astigmatism and dry eyes and can now even change the color of your eyes. Soft contact lenses include:

  • Daily Wear: These can be worn up to 12 hours but must be removed and cleaned at night
  • Extended Wear: These can be worn on a more flexible schedule than daily wear
  • Disposable: These are meant to be worn for a short time and then discarded
  • Color-Changing: These can change the color of your eyes even if vision correction is not needed

Hard Contact Lenses

Also called rigid or gas-permeable lenses, hard contact lenses offer sharper vision and can correct nearsightedness or astigmatism.

At Vision Salon Eye Care Associates, we offer all types and brands of contact lenses specifically fitted for each individual's needs. It is very important that your lenses are fitted correctly based on your prescription, eye shape and specific needs. We offer regular and custom lens service for both healthy and difficult to fit patients.

Reorder Contact Lenses

For current patients that wish to reorder their contact lenses online, please log in below.

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