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12812 S. Western Avenue
Blue Island, Illinois 60406
(708) 385-0013

Diabetes Eye Care Center

Blue Island Diabetes Eye Care Center

Vision Salon Eye Care Associates Eye Care Center of Excellence is an area of eye care services we provide amongst all the other areas of service that we highlight as a center of excellence to patients seeking a high level of care at attention in these area for their specific needs and concerns. Our Eye Care Centers of Excellence are dedicated to our patients in the areas of:

Diabetic Eye Care

Doctors on our staff have committed to additional hours of post doctorate continuing education in the area of Diabetic Eye Care to provide our diabetic patients and those are greater risk for diabetes the latest in diagnosis of diabetic and treatment with the best individualized patient treatment options.

Vision Salon Eye Care Associates has committed additional and continual training to our staff to assist doctors in diagnostic testing and evaluation to help assist patients and advise patients under our doctor’s guidance for optimal eye care.

Vision Salon Eye Care Associates has committed resources in equipment and technology to continually provide our patients with some of the latest in technology no only rendering the existing standard of care in the area of Diabetic Eye conditions but in many ways exceeding the standard. We will communicate closely with the diabetic patient’s primary care physician and reinforce the care recommended for the patient’s management of diabetes to help stabilize, manage, or prevent ocular complications from diabetes.

We work with patients with holistic supportive lifestyle changes and pearls of advice to help prevent and manage ocular complications in diabetes as well as those at greater risk and those that are pre-diabetic.

We have affiliated ophthalmic surgeons that provide a high level of surgical and ophthalmological diabetic and retinal care.

diabetic retinopathy

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